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So what has meta been writing, you wonder?

...not a lot, in truth, but I'm making progress. I got a bit burned out after writing more than 65,000 words in the last month leading up to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So I didn't write anything, really, for a few weeks after, and very little since.

But I'm starting to gear up my wordcount in preparation for NaNoWriMo. I've written about 3500 words over the last five days... not a lot, but my daily numbers are on the rise. This week I'm going to be pushing myself to utilize my time the way I intend to during NaNo, and aim for specific wordcount goals.

I'm starting out with my epilogue to the Harry's Seventh Year series, on the premise that it's easier to write and therefore a good thing to start with. Afterwards I'll be writing a few thousand words of my NaNo project - I know this is frowned upon, but I want to get my head inside that story before the onslaught begins (and anyway I already wrote the first 4+ chapters earlier this year). I've also got another HP story that's been languishing half-finished (Through the Hoop, my Angelina-centered story) that I'll be working on just to get my wordcount up, and my Horror story for the Genre Challenge.

My NaNo project currently has just under 19,000 words written, and by the time November 1 arrives it should be in the 25k vicinity. So I'll need to reach around 75,000 words total before Nov. 30 in order to win NaNo.

That makes me especially excited, because I suspect this novel might be on the shortish side of average... somewhere around 90k, maybe. That would mean that, by the time NaNo is over, I'll only have another 15k or so before I'm done with my first draft! I honestly think that I can have my first draft finished before the end of this year, which is very energizing. Of course, then there will be the insanely long editing process, but I think I should have something I'm comfortable with submitting to publishers by the time the end of April rolls around.

And once my draft of my 2007 NaNo project is done I'll be refining the outline for my 2006 NaNo novel, and finishing it. I think I can have the draft of that one finished around the same time as I've finished editing the first one (April 2008). So excited!

-Meta, ready and rarin' to go for NaNo!!!
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