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Birthday picspam!

Yesterday Baz had a first birthday party... we went to a kid-friendly restaurant, and there were presents and singing and messiness... the works. It was huge fun, and just right for a birthday.

Opening presents!

What is it?


At least this one had a bow.

Now this is a neat toy!

LOL, it was great fun!
A big hit.

Singing! ("If you're good you'll get your wishes/If you're bad you'll do our dishes")

But where are MY presents?! (Baz's cousin BTW)

A bit dubious about his first real ice cream experience...

Um num num... I think he likes it.

Oh yeah - he likes it!

Time for the sugar rush!!!!

Whaddya mean the ice cream's all gone?!?

Baz & da clan

Baz & da happy/proud parentals!

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