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Birthday picspam!

Yesterday Baz had a first birthday party... we went to a kid-friendly restaurant, and there were presents and singing and messiness... the works. It was huge fun, and just right for a birthday.

Opening presents!

What is it?


At least this one had a bow.

Now this is a neat toy!

LOL, it was great fun!
A big hit.

Singing! ("If you're good you'll get your wishes/If you're bad you'll do our dishes")

But where are MY presents?! (Baz's cousin BTW)

A bit dubious about his first real ice cream experience...

Um num num... I think he likes it.

Oh yeah - he likes it!

Time for the sugar rush!!!!

Whaddya mean the ice cream's all gone?!?

Baz & da clan

Baz & da happy/proud parentals!

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Seems like the little one had a grand time.

And that vtech electronic book? Mine have it, too (german version) and it is one of those things that even the older ones pull out time after time. An absolute favourite.